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Acting: Film

The Medal

NJ Parkin playing 'Sergeant Death' in the film the Medal. This clip is a montage of all the scenes played by NJ Parkin. Co-starring: Justin Edwards aka Ultra  Brian Deacon  SFX Makeup Artist: Emma Galeone  

A Sync Films Production

The Toll

NJ Parkin playing the 'Butcher Zombie' in the film the Toll.  His co-star, Sharron Spice, is being attacked by a zombie trying to pierce her skull with an electric drill. NJ attacks the zombie with a meat cleaver. Sharron now thinks she is safe and is desperate to leave the building. But NJ now just wants to kill her.       

Urban Darkness

NJ Parkin playing 'Lachan Dara' (evil monk) in the film 'Urban Darkness'. With co-star Dave Paxton, playing George Briscoe.

The Estate Agent 

NJ Parkin playing 'Keith' (the estate agent), in a short supernatural film. Keith, visits a haunted house to find out why the builders have stopped work.


NJ Parkin & Leo Baker. from Syncfilms made this short supernatural film during the UK's Covid lockdown. A challenge was set to make a short film involving just two people to create every aspect of the film. The film took two weeks to complete. One evening was spent filming all the scenes. The rest of the time was dedicated to post-production, with NJ Parkin & Leo Baker, working separately on the project from their home studios to complete 'The Estate Agent' film.

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