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NJ Parkin Bio

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NJ Parkin has always enjoyed working within a creative environment. His artistic interests are diverse, from songwriting to acting, television production, directing, scriptwriting and creating art. NJ Parkin gave his first BBC radio interview at the age of 12.  He also performed for Prince Charles with his band Up 'n' Out  in the 80's.


In the 90's NJ spent time working at Remaximum Recording Studios, London. Clients included: Robert Plant, Green Day, Jah Shaka and The Shamen. The building also housed studios for Jerry Dammers and DJ Steve Bicknell.


Through his brother's friendship with Amanda Ghost, Amanda visited NJ's home in Muswell Hill to explore a songwriting collaboration. The session was recorded in NJ's home studio.


Today NJ Parkin is still songwriting and performing. His song, "Time Goes By" was assigned to BBC Radio London in 2022, who then propelled his track to BBC Radio One. 


NJ Parkin has appeared on radio & television and has been cast in several Sync Films productions.


NJ Parkin was born in North Devon and now lives in Canterbury, Kent.

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