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Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in Bed is a situation comedy about homeless people living in temporary B&B accommodation. NJ Parkin wrote the original version of the script in 1995.


The main characters are: A young single mother. A musician/busker in his early 20's. A couple in their late 30's who became homeless after their home was repossessed, and now manage the B&B.  An alcoholic man in his early 50's who can't find work, is always drunk and suffers from poor hygiene. Also, the bed & breakfast owner Mr Newman, who is insincere and hopes to make his fortune housing the homeless.


NJ's influences are: Rab C Nesbitt, Bottom and Only Fools and Horses.  


This episode is about a cannabis plant. 


To read the script click hereit might take a few seconds to load.     

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