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Director & Producer

A selection of work produced or

directed by NJ Parkin for film and television.

Director, NJ Parkin: Fashion & Clubbing, Shabba Dabba Da, Shoreditch 

Client: Sync Films


Social Chemist, Daniel Lismore  

DJ Luke Worrall

DJ Larry T

Some of the footage from this film featured

in Charli XCX's MTV documentary. 

Producer, NJ Parkin: Save The George Tavern

Client: NTV Europe. Broadcast: SKY Television

Save The George Tavern campaign supported by many celebrities, including the late Amy Winehouse, Kate Moss & Sir Ian McKellen,   

Producer, NJ Parkin: City Gospel Choir 

Client: NTV Europe. Broadcast: SKY Television

City Gospel Choir rehearsed at All Hallows-on-the- Wall, London. Since this film was made the choir  disbanded after its music director, David Barker, moved to Coventry. The artist Hege was a member of City Gospel Choir.

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