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Music & Words by NJ Parkin

NJ Parkin: Love Needs Love

Can love heal the world?  Can love change your world? Love Needs Love lyrics 

NJ Parkin: Don't Let Go

When the bond is strong you don't want to let go. After food, shelter and good health, friendship and love are all you need. Don't Let Go lyrics

NJ Parkin: You Make Me Feel

If someone special makes you feel great, let them know. Send them this song. You Make Me Feel lyrics

NJ Parkin: Green Grass

A retrospective love song containing archive footage from the New Romantic & Club Kids revival starting around 2006 in London. Syncfilms created short films capturing the energy & beautiful people who made these events unique and special. The footage filmed at Shabba Dabba Da, Green Carnation and East Bloc has been re-edited and placed on each chorus  within the song. Influential people featuring in the 'Green Grass' music video: Martin Kemp & Friends, Daniel Lismore, DJ Larry Tee, model and DJ - Luke Worrall, singer, nightclub host & promoter - the late Steve Strange and many more. Green Grass Lyrics

NJ Parkin: Fight To Night

NJ Parkin: Living In a Room

Living in a megacity can be fun and exciting.

Although, living accommodation is very expensive! So, some young couples need to live in a double room to save money. Here's a love song for them. 

Lyrics: Living In A Room

NJ Parkin: Time Goes By

A love song for everyone.

Lyrics: Time Goes By

NJ Parkin: You Were My life

A love song for a previous life

Lyrics: You Were My Life

NJ Parkin: Broken

Dedicated to fathers, mothers and children who suffered a family break-up.

Lyrics: Broken

NJ Parkin: Draw On Me

A fun track about tattoos

Lyrics: Draw On Me

NJ Parkin: Shamsa Song

When your girlfriend asks you to write a song for her.

Lyrics: Shamsa Song

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