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Auction 2025


Sex and Rope will be auctioned in 2025.


Advice is being sort from Auctioneers Christie's, Bonhams, Phillip's and Sotheby's to ascertain which country it will be appropriate to auction the artwork in - China, Japan or the UK.


70% of the sale price will be donated to The Prince's Trust to help young creative people get into education, training or employment.


The artwork is a one-off because the artist destroyed his other works  created with MicroDry inks.  


The artwork is unique because it combines digital art with hand-drawn imagery using Tipp-Ex correction fluid.


MicroDry technology was invented in the last century. The majority of digital art today is created using inkjet or laser printers. Far fewer works were created in the last century using this technology. After 2015, it will become more difficult for artists to create works using MicroDry inks as ALPS will discontinue manufacturing their consumables. For enthusiasts who enjoy collecting digital art, 'Sex and Rope' is quirky and unusual.   The method used to create it will soon become part of printing history, allowing 'Sex and Rope' to increase in value over time.

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